Kids therapy Company provides occupational therapy services to children with a
variety of issues including but not limited to feeding delays, picky eaters, dysphagia,
sensory processing disorders, motor planning issues and fine motor delays.

There are many different types of feeding problems and sensory processing
issues and no two children have the exact same problem.

We specialize in individualized assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding
and swallowing  disorders for infants and children who are currently facing or
may have the potential for oral feeding difficulties.

Your Feeding evaluation will include assessment of the following:
• oral-motor skills
• mealtime behaviors
• reaction to food type and textures / sensory difficulties
• self-feeding skills and positioning

Sensory Processing Disorders can impact all aspects of life for both
the child and their family.

Your Sensory Processing Evaluation may include:
• Standardized testing
• Parent interview
• Child interview
• Completion of a sensory profile
• Observation

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